Poetic Dedication

Where Memories Reside:

For my father

The palm trees stand tall blowing
on the wings of this early morning,
where memories and dreams converge
to honor a man who left silently
one autumn night.

The clouds with their immense profundity
against the blue sky move without intention,
overreaching the horizon.

It was not my time to leave he said,
and I waited for him to return.

With his parting he left behind
the signs that form the infinite line
of the horizon of my memories.

These memories are the anchor
that holds me to his existence,
floating on the sea of my deepest potential.

The light connects me to him,
to the flag of his freedom
that perpetually blows in the sky,
where I meet with him
and where memories reside.

by A. Lilia Smith

Untitled #16